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John Buchanan, Photo by Jim Hupe.

About John

John survived Hurricane Carol at age 16 aboard the ocean racing sloop HI-Q in 1952 beginning a lifelong fascination with the sea.  His first publication, which was written while still a student at New York University, has been followed by several text books and science kits still used by schools and universities in the United States and abroad.  Later while working as a process engineer he wrote technical manuals and hundreds of manufacturing directions for the electronics industry.  In recent years he has contributed magazine articles of marine interest and is the author of TILLER TALES chronicling his single-handed adventures aboard the 29 foot sloop NEREIS.   Excerpts may be found on this website.  Since 1990 he has explored waters from Canada to Honduras, weathering several hurricanes and tropical storms aboard.  Although not a meteorologist he has served as weatherman for the NORTHWEST CARIBBEAN RADIO NET broadcasting from Isla Mujeres, Mexico advising fellow cruisers from Texas to Panama. While in Guatemala waiting for hurricane Wilma to make landfall in 2005 he designed HURRICANE-FINDER, which is now incorporated in the HURRICANE SURVIVAL GUIDE.

The HURRICANE SURVIVAL GUIDE is a comprehensive guide to surviving a hurricane on land or at sea.  It includes the Hurricane Finder which allows you to find the hurricane's eye and approximate its track and dissects these killer storms as never before, allowing those in their path precious time to prepare for specific wind speed and direction at their boat, home or business, from where to park their car to what part of the harbor is safest for their boat. Those living close to water may learn days in advance that local conditions may become untenable due to wind direction, a cause of local flooding, and decide to evacuate thereby saving their families lives. 


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